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For those of you searching for the ideal gift for the person who has everything, a photo blanket could be your answer. Giving a picture blanket as a gift or ordering one to commemorate a special event in your own life is not only personal, but also very practical. Polar fleece keeps you warm in the winter and protected from drafts in the spring and fall.

Many consumers are concerned about the quality of the printed image on a picture blanket. The type of material used will be the largest factor that determines this clarity. Through many advances in printing technology and methods, it is widely accepted that fleece photo blankets offer the highest clarity and astounding quality in the transferred image.

A photo blanket is a great option because there are photos from everyone life that are worth putting on display or turning into a one of a kind blanket. There are a couple of different types of photo blankets for you to choose from. One type of photo blanket actually has clear pouches in it where you can place printed pictures of your choosing.

Because the photos are simply in little slots you would not want to curl up with such a blanket but it would make a nice wall hanging. Another option when choosing your photo blanket is one where a picture or image is actually printed or embroidered onto the surface of the blanket. The blanket features any picture or any selection of pictures of your choosing and because it is printed you can actually snuggle up with this type of blanket if you wanted to

Photo blankets, photo handbags and photo canvases can be created from pictures featuring family, toddlers, children, pets anyone! These personalized photo gifts are perfect for commemorating events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, going off to college and more!

Fleece blankets are easy to make yourself. You can give them as a gift for a birthday, holiday or any occasion. First you need to pick your fleece fabric. Face the wrong sides together and stitch around the edges. You will want to use a longer stitch when working with fleece. The reason for this is the stitches can be pulled through the fleece fabric if they are too short.

If your picture blanket is to be given to the person known for a comfortable and relaxed personality, you may want to choose a sweatshirt fleece photo blanket. This blanket is made of the same type of material that anyone's favorite and softest sweatshirt is made of.

These picture blankets are ideal for snuggling on the couch or watching your favorite football team in the colder months, and will continually remind you of the most memorable moments of your life through your chosen printed image.
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Photo Blankets For Gifts

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This article was published on 2010/10/04