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Considering sending a fancy gift to your family member, or a friend? Woolen blanket will be your best choice. A wide variety of woolen blankets are currently available in the market. You may freely pick one as special gift to your family or a friend. For sure, you choice will be appreciated.

Fleece blankets are a great choice for keeping oneself warm on any night. Many people think that fleece is just wool from animals that is not the case. Fleece is a man made fabric.

The first thing that you want to think about when it comes to any type of fleece throw blankets is the size that's going to be the most appropriate. It really just depends upon the way that you would like to use your fleece throw blankets the most. If you're looking for something to put on your bed, or just to cuddle up with at night time when you're feeling sleepy, you probably want a larger fleece. But the small ones are more ideal for decorations of any kind.

If you're going to be placing your fleece in a living room, or other such environment, you probably want to go with solid colors that you can blend. Otherwise you can be a bit more daring and go with animal prints as well. That way you get a great design that's stylish, but that isn't going to dominate or detract from the room either.

But when your fleece throw blankets are going to be used somewhere like a bedroom or a game room, you want them to be representative of your interests.

These man-made fibers are made from polyethylene teraphthalate (otherwise known as pet), which is a thermoplastic polymer. This makes fleece blankets have a high level of insulation without adding bulk or weight. This fiber also breathes readily and if a person sweats all that moisture will not be trapped inside.

Fleece has been around for many years. In ancient times it was considered to be something that only the most affluent people had on their beds. But in modern times everyone can afford a fleece blanket. There is a large variety of colors and patterns in fleece blankets and throws. You can find one to complement your interior design.

Fleece will not lose its thickness when compressed. Synthetic blankets will only recover to about 70-80% of their original thickness after being compressed. With fleece blankets it does not matter if you crush, pull, twist or wad up the blanket it will come back to its original shape and thickness.

Fleece is a long lasting fabric that is also fire resistant. It is warm and soft and provides great comfort when using.

Another great about fleece blankets is their durability. If cared for properly a fleece blanket will last for years and years.

Either woolen blanket or custom blanket of superior quality will bring you the feel of comfort. Selection of the right blanket is important. Attention to our literatures will enrich your knowledge in the blankets.
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This article was published on 2010/10/15